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Published: 04/12/2005



Since her first year at the Faculty of Public Health, the University of Indonesia where she served as the chair of Adolescent Reproductive Health Forum, Bunga has since involved herself in the field of adolescent reproductive health. In 2012, Bunga joined Indonesian Student Alliance for Reproductive Health as head of public relations.

Her interest in adolescent reproductive health continued when in 2012, she became a reporter for Public Health Student Senate, working on the issue of reproductive health and health system in Indonesia. In 2013, Bunga co-founded and led a union of health promotion departments at the Faculty of Public Health, the University of Indonesia. She also advocated for the formation of the Association of Indonesian Public Health Promotors and Educators.

This graduate of Faculty of Public Health joined Women Research Institute in 2014 first as a field coordinator for WRI’s youth forum in Jakarta and then, in 2015; she joined WRI’s research team.***