Corruption in Health Services / Current Project / Women & Health

Published: 01/09/2017

Rita Kartika is a medical staff at the Central General Hospital of H. Adam Malik in Medan City. On July 19-20, 2017, she had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Gender Equality/Women’s Empowerment and Corruption Impacts for Women’ training held in Medan City. She received this training because the institution where she works in is a partner of ELSAKA Medan in the field of corruption prevention in the health sector.

Rita, as she is affectionately called, is one of the participants that were most active throughout the training. She was eager to voice out her opinions and share her experiences, particularly on corruption prevention efforts that have been carried out by H. Adam Malik Central General Hospital. At the end of the training, Rita is one of the participants that achieved the highest increase in score on her knowledge of the gender issue. In addition, as a participant of the training, she felt a boost in her confidence regarding her new-found knowledge on gender and is committed to implement her knowledge at her workplace.

Soon after participating in this training, Rita was given the opportunity to implement the knowledge she obtained from the training at her hospital. At the time, H. Adam Malik Central General Hospital just started a recruitment process and was preparing to welcome their new staff, most of whom are female nurses. Seeing the potential to encourage women’s participation in the effort to prevent corruption in the health sector, Rita suggested integrating the materials from the training into the guideline that will be given by the Hospital’s Anti-Corruption Study Center to all new staff. This suggestion was immediately welcomed because it is seen to answer the challenges faced by medical staff in the health sector, especially in relation to combating corruption to improve health services.***