Fact Sheet / Publication

Published: 08/12/2010

This Fact Sheet presents information concerning women’s political representation in Indonesia. This fact sheet illustrates women’s representation in the national parliament as well as policies taken to increase women’s participation in elections and political parties. 


The development of laws and regulations in Indonesia to protect women’s political interests has improved, as evident from the Law on Political Party and Law on Election which accommodate women in their minimum quota of 30% women’s presence. However, despite this affirmative action being accommodated, there are still a number of limitations to it. As a result, the effort to increase the rate of women’s representation in the parliament is still far from optimum.


The role of the Law on Elections is imperative in increasing women’s representation in the parliament. The problem arise when the Law on Elections still fails to fully accommodate affirmative actions that bind political parties to fulfill the 30% quota of women and the zipper system. The lack of binding sanctions for parties caused many parties to violate this affirmative policy.



Weak Representation of Women in Indonesian Parliament