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Published: 05/12/2005

This book contains the translation of research experience using feminist methods. This book analyzes examples of feminist research to discover what methods feminist researchers use and why they use the methods. Also included is a philosophical discussion about the relationship between feminism and research.


By raising a variety of feminist research methods, Shulamit Reinharz questions the relationship between feminism and methodology, challenging the stereotype that exists and explaining the historical roots of various conflicts that exist today. He concludes that there was no “politically correct” feminist method as it emphasizes more on the variety of perspectives. Reinharz suggests that diversity is a part of the achievements of international feminist scholars.


In this book, Reinharz offers in chapter by chapter a unique analysis of important research methods, a closing chapter that combines ongoing debate and the main viewpoint and an encyclopaedic bibliography. Feminist Methods in Social Research is an important resource for students and researchers in the field of social sciences and women studies. ***


Author: Shulamit Reinharz
Publisher: WRI, 2005
Pages: viii+582 pages
ISBN: 979-99305-1-0
Price: IDR 50.000,-