Published: 18/03/2010, Thursday, 18 March 2010

Jakarta, – A women activist who is also a political analyst, Chusnul Mariyah, stated that women’s representation in elections is still viewed unfavorably.  



“Only a few women are considered as having the ability and quality to be legislative candidates,” she mentioned during International Women’s Day Seminar in Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday.


Chusnul also mentioned that not many people believe women have the resources and commitment to public. This is what she considers as discrimination towards women in politics, both formally and informally.


“In this, strategies to increase women’s participation in legislature are needed,” she continued. She added that the possible strategies are women’s empowerment and capacity building to intensify women’s commitment in public realm. “Political parties have to also actively recruit women and prove that gender quota can enhance gender-responsive public policies.”     


According to Chusnul, the majority rule applied in the previous 2009 election was not appropriate. “A proportional electoral system is still the most appropriate one, so let’s not replace it with the majority rule,” she said. Besides, Chusnul also reminds women legislative candidates to choose their polling places more carefully.  


“Don’t feel satisfied to finish in the first rank, but based on the polling places, you are placed in polling places with little chances for you to be elected as members of the legislature,” she said. (*cdr/z)