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Published: 28/03/2014


The second Monitoring and Evaluation activity at Gunungkidul was held on Tuesday-Thursday, 25-27 March 2014, by Rahayuningtyas (Coordinator of the Policy Advocacy and Youths’ Reproductive Health Budget Program: Jakarta, Gunungkidul, and Bandung) and Astari Wardiah (WRI’s Project Officer for the Jakarta Program).


The purpose of this activity is to identify achievements and obstacles faced in the implementation of WRI’s program in Gunungkidul. The second Monitoring and Evaluation activity was also attended by the Program Officer for Jakarta to get an overview of the implementation of the counseling program in Gunungkidul. The program has been ongoing since 2010, coordinated by Tri Asmiyanto as WRI’s Project Officer in that area.



Monitoring of Programs


Activities held since March 2014 include:


  1. A peer-educator training, with several representatives of the organizations as participants of the program. The training was held for two days.

  2. A preliminary audience held by WRI’s Program Officer with related stakeholders, such as the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) for Gunungkidul, Gunungkidul Family Planning officers, village government at the target area, several health officers at the PKPR Health Center, and the private clinic.

  3. Counseling by WRI’s Program Officer to a teenage girl who experienced an unplanned pregnancy. The girl and her family finally decided to do a recovery of menstruation at Adiwarga Clinic.

  4. Agreement on the visiting schedule with 3 organizations that are the targets of the program, namely:
  • POLICE at Dusun Pokak, Desa Karangawen every Friday evening
  • Girls’ Class (KRP) at Ponjong every Saturday evening
  • Bening Hati (Al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School) at Karang Mojo every Sunday evening


Visit to the POLICE (Pokak Lincah Ceria) organization


A visit was held to the POLICE organization at Dusun* Pokak, Karanggawen Village, Gunungkidul. The Monitoring and Evaluation visit was the second visit to POLICE. Apart from the monitoring of the ongoing activities, on this occasion a letter of cooperation was also signed between WRI and POLICE, signed by the Head of Dusun Pokok himself.


POLICE consists of 30 members between 13-30 years old. POLICE was established in 2013, replacing the former name of Pakarti Aji which had been founded in 2012. The purpose for the change of name was to make it more youth-friendly and to attract the interest of youths in Dusun Pokak to join the organization. However, the Head of Village’s Decree on the establishment of POLICE was just issued in January 2014, thus the structure and programs were only fully effective since January 2014. The dusun and village apparatus also supported WRI’s cooperation with POLICE by facilitating a meeting room in the dusun as a place for discussion every Friday evening.


POLICE was selected as one of the participants of the Center of Information and Counseling for Youths which was held by the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) for Gunungkidul, with a panel team from the Gunungkidul BKKBN and the D.I. Yogyakarta Provincial BKKBN.


The cooperation between the stakeholders went smoothly. The competition was attended by the dusun and village apparatus, Health Center health officers, Family Planning officers, Health Office officers, Gunungkidul BKKBN, DIY BKKBN, Army representative, and Gunungkidul Police representative.







Visit to “Bening Hati” Center of Information and Counseling for Youths, Al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School


The WRI researchers also conducted a visit to the Bening Hati Center of Information and Counseling for Youths at Al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School, Karang Mojo Village, Gunungkidul. The Bening Hati group has started their extracurricular activities for boarding students at Al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School. Similar to POLICE, Bening Hati Group has also been selected as a participant of the Center of Information and Counseling for Youths competition, organized by BKKBN.


Bening Hati Center of Information and Counseling for Youths also signed a letter of cooperation between WRI and Bening Hati, signed by KH. Harun Al Rasyid as the head of Al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School. Mr. Harun Al Rasyid conveyed his support and gratitude for WRI’s support to enhance the understanding and knowledge about adolescent reproductive health at Islamic boarding schools.







*Dusun: a district smaller than a village