Book / Publication

Published: 31/03/2010

This book is the result of research conducted in seven WRI’s research areas, namely North Lampung, Lebak Regency, Indramayu Regency, Surakarta City, Jembrana Regency, Central Lombok and West Sumba. General public health facilities to serve women’s reproductive health remain limited in many aspects.


The book identifies various problems faced by poor women in accessing and utilizing reproductive health facilities. It closely relates to the reproductive health facilities and services themselves, families and other social cultural problems. The factors that also influence the problem of health reproductive facilities and health access are policies issued by the respective administration in the seven regencies and budget provided.

From the findings presented in this book, it is expected that there will be efforts to seek improvement of reproductive health facilities for the community, especially women, to have access, utilization and quality reproductive facilities. ***


Authors: Aris Arif Mundayat, Edriana Noerdin, Erni Agustini, Sita Aripurnami dan Sri Wahyuni
Publisher: WRI, 2009
Pages: x + 353 pages
ISBN: 978-979-9305-8-3
Price: IDR –