Activity Agenda / Event

Published: 18/01/2016

Women Research Institute (WRI) is an independent research institution which uses a gender-based perspective with a focus on political, social, and cultural issues. Our programmes include research, publication, capacity building and promotion as well as gender budgeting. WRI’s research and programmes are strongly related to widening women’s access to resources and decision-making processes, increasing women’s representation in decision-making forums, and empowering female representatives in influencing the decision-making process. In addition, the projects aim to encourage women to participate actively in land management and decision-making processes related to land usage and management, environment, climate change, and forest concession. WRI employs feminist methodologies in its research and analysis.


WRI is currently offering a job opportunity for a Researcher with the following specifications:

  1. Female
  2. Minimum 3 years of experiences in social researches.
  3. Able to analyse social problems using a feminist perspective.
  4. Familiar with the following issues: Women and Politics, Women and Health, Gender and Development, Women and Environment, Climate Change and Forest Concession.
  5. Non-discriminative in regards to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, race, and other groups (SARA).
  6. Strong communication skills.
  7. Good command in English.
  8. Willing and able to work in a team.


Main Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating the process of research strategy planning.
  2. Formulating research designs.
  3. Conducting field research (interview, observation, and field note writing).
  4. Building research partnerships and networks with local, national, and international researchers to support research programmes.
  5. Coordinating research duties and activities with local researchers within the scope of the research.
  6. Monitoring the execution of research activities.
  7. Writing research reports and papers.

If interested, applications (CV, degree certificates, writing sample, and other documents) should be sent to:

Jl. Kalibata Utara II No. 78
Jakarta 12740 – INDONESIA
Tel. (62-21) 79187149; 798.7345
Fax. (62-21) 798.7345