Edriana has been active in the women’s movement since 1986, where she began participating in study groups during the time when these groups were popular in universities. She first established a women’s group with four women colleagues in 1989, called Kelompok Kebangkitan Perempuan Indonesia which was subsequently changed to Yayasan Perempuan Mardika.

At the beginning of the reformation period, Edriana co-founded the Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy. For the past two years, Edrinana is active as a gender consultant for various international and multi-lateral organizations, such as Yayasan Tifa, UNDP’s Partnership, and ILO. She was also a gender specialist for Hickling, a Canadian consultant institute which assisted the Indonesian government in formulating programs to eliminate poverty, using a pro women perspective.

Based on her observation that there is lack of data that are segregated by gender or those that uses a feminist perspective, Edriana with a number of colleagues, established the Women Research Institute (WRI) which aims to be a study and research center that is founded on feminist perspective, focusing on the impact of decentralization on communities, and particularly on women. Another WRI program, is to prepare people at the local level to participate in shaping development in their regions. Also to ensure that the people participate in decision making concerning government budget allocation at the local level, that is equal for women, men and children. WRI develops a feminist methodology in every research.***