Lugina teaches at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Indonesia and is currently completing her Ph.D at Monash University, Melbourne. Prior to her departure to Melbourne, Lugina was head of the Women’s and Gender Study Group of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Indonesia, while at the same time actively teaching and organizing the Women’s Reproductive Health Study Group at the same Faculty. She had also worked as a researcher for Kapal Perempuan. Lugina is also a lecturer for the Women Studies Postgraduate Program of the University of Indonesia. In addition, Lugina has held the position of Gender Consultant in UNDP’s Partnership for Governance Reform.

Lugina co-founded the Women Research Institute (WRI) along with other members. She founded WRI because of her concern of the situation of women’s studies in Indonesia. Based on her personal experiences, she felt the need for a research institute that specializes on research concerning women’s and gender issues. ***