Sari has more than 30 years of professional experience in preparing, managing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and financially supervising development projects encompassing participatory rural and urban development, gender and diversity, poverty reduction, social and environmental safeguards, natural resources management, and youth development programs. She managed the planning, implementation and monitoring of social, environmental, and indigenous people safeguards, and gender equality for wide portfolio of ADB projects in Asia and Pacific countries. She provided technical advice and capacity building for staff and partners of bilateral and multilateral organizations and international CSO that has resulted in changes in policy and practice on gender and child rights, youth development, governance, and natural resources management. Sari has lived and worked in Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Republic of Georgia, Germany, UK, and other countries.

Sari retired in October 2021 from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as Principle Social Safeguards Specialist for various sectors in Asia Pacific based in Manila. She has been working for 15 years with ADB on CSO cooperation, gender and women empowerment, livelihoods, NRM, infrastructure and energy sectors. Prior to ADB Sari was; (i) Global Gender and Child Rights Adviser for Plan International based in UK (5 years); (ii) Consultant for Gender, livelihoods and participatory development for GIZ in Republic of Georgia (2 years); (iii) Technical adviser/Manager for Bondoc Rural Development Program for GIZ – Philippines (2 years); (iv) Planning and Institutional development specialist at GIZ HQ Germany (2 years); (v)Technical adviser for governance, livelihoods and gender for Mardan Rural Development Program and Baluchistan Rural Development Projects with GIZ – Pakistan (4 years); (vi) Senior Project Manager CIDA – Indonesia (5 years) dealing with gender, higher education, civil society program and integrated rural development; and (vi) Senior Manager for Women Program for Pasaman Integrated Development Program with GIZ – Indonesia (3 years) . Since November 2021, Sari is active in various activities with NGOs/private sector on the human rights, governance, gender, youth development, and social and environmental safeguards. She is a member of BINEKSOS (Indonesian Association for the Advancement of Economic and Social Knowledge; Founder and Adviser of Yayasan NLC-ESS; and Expert Adviser of WRI and WB consultant.