Book Launching / Event

Published: 10/03/2005

On March 9, 2005, the Women Research Institute launched three books, book entitled: Women’s Representation in Public Policiees in the Regional Autonomy Era (Representasi Perempuan dalam Kebijakan Publik di Era Otonomi Daerah by Women Research Institute; Political Identity of Women in Aceh (Politik Identitas Perempuan Aceh) by Edriana Noerdin and Feminist Methods in Social Research (Metode-Metode Feminis dalam Penelitian Sosial) by Shulamit Reinharz.

1. Women’s Representation in Public Policies in the Regional Autonomy Era

This book contains findings from the first phase research of WRI in nine districts/cities, including Banda Aceh. This book contains policy analysis on local regulations that came into existence since Regional Autonomy being implemented in 2000. The data being collected using feminist methodology. Moreover, the data were critically analyse using feminist perspective. It is hoped that the analyses may help developed a discourse on women’s political rights in local governance as well as evaluating the implementation of regional autonomy and what are the impacts for the people.


Book: Women’s Representation in Public Policies in the Regional Autonomy Era

2. Political Identity of Women in Aceh by Edriana Noerdin

Originally the book is a thesis for academic purpose. The book attempted to illustrate the discourse analysis at three levels. Those are the level of the language, institutions and social process as well as the subjectivity in understanding the conflict to gain power relation on the construction and deconstruction of Islamic based Acehnesse nationalism. This thesis examined the oral tradition that being practiced by the modern Acehnesse women, in order to understand the struggle of Acehnesse women towards the discourse that placed women far from the political realm. The book also attempted to examine the different subjective positions of Acehnesse women activists in the midst of diversity of discourse on gender, nation and religion.


Book: Political Identity of Women in Aceh

3. Feminist Methods in Social Research by Shulamit Reinharz

The book is a translation on research experiences using feminist methodology. The book analysed examples of feminist research to find what method that feminist researchers used and the reason why they used that method.


Book: Feminist Methods in Social Research

In this book launching, WRI gave the book to:

  • Prof. Dr. Saparinah Sadli, as pioner of women study in Indonesia and commissioner of the National Commission on Anti Violence Against Women
  • Abdullah Attamimi, repressentative of the office of Ministry of Women’s Empowerement
  • Andy Yentriyanti, as younger generation women activist