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Published: 22/03/2006

This Book of Potpourri is a collection of WRI personnel’s writings that highlights the various poverty-led problems faced by women. It attempts to show in detail several images of the poverty situation faced by women. This book delivered a fact that the problem of gender-based poverty remains unresolved despite the issuance of a number legal basis to promote gender equality in Indonesia.


It is expected that Women Research Institute, an institution that seeks the development of the concept of gender equitable governance, can contribute ideas in order to raise the awareness of all parties, including the decision makers and policy makers, through the publication of this book. Thus, gender equality perspectives could be reflected in public policy both in the form of the Act, Regulations or Local Area Budget, which in turn can be useful for reducing poverty faced by women in Indonesia.


The titles of papers in the book Events Calendar:

Gender-Based Poverty Eradication Strategy
Human Development Index and Gender Inequality
Making Money Is Easier than Surviving, Problems of Women Migrant Workers
Maternal Mortality Reduction Efforts: Urgent Agenda for Central Government and Local Administrations
Protection of Women Labors and Employment Policies in Indonesia
Domestic Workers (PRT) Situation in Indonesia ***


Authors: Edriana Noerdin, Erni Agustini, Diana Teresa Pakasi,
Sita Aripurnami, Siti Nurwati Hodijah
Publisher: WRI, 2006
Pages: vii+163 pages
ISBN: 979-99305-4-5
Price: IDR 30.000,-