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Published: 29/04/2008

This book contains Case Studies based on the results of research on women workers who migrate from rural to urban areas and the various challenges they face in the industrial world and urban life. This book not only provides more in-depth knowledge about the life struggles of women workers, but also serves as an effort to lift and reveal more clearly the voice of their hearts. Besides discussing the survival efforts of female workers in the context of industrial relations, this book also discusses their engagement with consumer behavior, organizational activity, and a variety of pragmatic issues in urban areas more widely.


The main questions posed in this study are including how women workers break away from an agrarian world, how women workers adapt to industrial environment, what strategy to survive in the big city, and how women position themselves as workers when they left the village to the city. The context of surviving in urban areas is not only based on purely economic basis, but also relies on various socio-cultural strategies that they develop. Therefore, economic aspects, social relations in term of social capital, consumption behavior and lifestyle of women workers in urban areas should be understood more comprehensively.


This book is very important as a reference for academic and advocacy interests. ***


Authors: Aris Arif Mundayat, Erni Agustini, Keppi Sukesi, Margaret Aliyatul M.
Publisher: WRI, 2008
Pages: viii+193 pages
ISBN: 978-979-99305-7-6
Price: IDR 40.000,-