Module / Publication

Published: 22/12/2005

The training module of gender analysis and Gender Equitable Budget was initially prepared as a reference for the Gender Equitable Budget Multi-stakeholder training in WRI’s eight areas of studies in Banda Aceh City, Solok Regency, Kebumen Regency, Gianyar City, Mataram City, Kupang City, Pontianak City and Manado City. In line with the course of time and a variety of evaluation, this module is expected to become a reference in the implementation of a more equitable, balanced and gender equitable budget. This training module emphasizes on in-depth understanding of the concept and gender analysis, and links it to all aspects of budgeting.

This training module is divided into 3 sessions. In the early part, it begins with information and ideas from all participants and facilitators through various stages. Facilitators and participants interact closely to know each other and mention ideas to achieve training objectives. The second part presents the key concepts needed to understand the Gender Equitable Budget and Gender Analysis, which also link to the concepts of Gender and Poverty. Gender and Poverty is discussed as an introduction to the importance of Gender Equitable Budget. The third section explains the understanding of the Gender Equitable Budget and how to create a Gender Equitable Budget. The final section contains the legal basis of key concepts of Gender Equitable Budget.

This training module is designed as guidance for the various parties who have interests in gender issues to conduct Training on Gender Equitable Budget. ***


Editor: Edriana Noerdin, Sita Aripurnami, Siti Nurwati Hodijah
Publisher: WRI, 2005
Pages: xv+173 pages
Price: IDR 75.000,-