About Us / Vision & Mission

Published: 18/12/2007


An equitable society that values women leadership and acknowledges their role in promoting gender-based, sustainable and inclusive natural resource governance.


  • To develop feminist methodology and analysis to capture gender inequality in the socie-ty in general and in the management of natural resources in particular.
  • To conduct gender-based studies and disseminate the findings to empower women community leaders and policy makers.
  • To develop networking to access women leadership expertise and best practices of gender-based, sustainable, and inclusive natural resource governance at the regional and global levels.


WRI was Formed Based on the Following Values


1. Multiculturalism

A fundamental value that respects diversity in ethnicity, race, religion, spiritual belief, physical capability, social class, age, language, origin, as well as sex without discrimination.

2. Justice and Equality between Women and Men

A fundamental value that sets the presence, representation, and leadership of women and men in an equal and fair position.

3. Inclusive Democracy

A value that recognizes the participation of women and other marginalized groups in the sustainable management of public and natural resources.