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Published: 28/06/2012

This Policy Research is WRI’s research report as well as recommendation for the involvement of women DPR-RI members in policy making. This policy research is a means for WRI to deliver inputs from its findings so that gender equality and equity, in particular the 30% quota target of women in parliaments can be achieved. This Women Research Institute (WRI) study attempts to see how the current women DPR-RI members are involved in the process of policy making, particularly policies that accommodate the needs and interests of women (gender responsive policies). Through this study, WRI also seeks to analyse the effectiveness of the 30% quota policy for women parliament members.



Policy Paper: Women DPR-RI Members and The Public Policy Making Process


Researchers: Ayu Anastasia, S.Sos; Frisca Anindhita, SKM; Ika Wahyu Priaryani, S.Sos; Rahayuningtyas, SKM
Publisher: Women Research Institute, Jakarta, 2012
Pages: xv + 52
ISBN: 978-602-9230-02-4