Assistance / Capacity Building

Published: 28/03/2024

The Women Research Institute (WRI) was appointed as the gender expert in developing and finalizing the gender equality policy and action plan for BINEKSOS/LP3ES/PRISMA from December 2022 to March 2023. WRI led the participatory process, consulted with the core team, and was supervised by the BINEKSOS/LP3ES administrators /PRISM.

This effort aims to produce organizational policies that promote gender justice and women’s empowerment by outlining the commitments, basic principles, and action plans of the three organizations. During the process of making gender policies and action plans, WRI carries out various tasks, such as:

  • Review and collect information about gender equality, justice, and empowerment from BINEKSOS/LP3ES/PRISMA documentation and reports.
  • Survey staff and management to identify their perspectives, priorities, and commitments for inclusion in gender policies and action plans.
  • Hold FGDs to discuss and incorporate key issues into policies and action plans to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach.
  • Based on this input, WRI prepared a draft gender policy and action plan for discussion with management and the core team.
  • Complete policies and action plans with input from staff, management, BINEKSOS/LP3ES/PRISMA members, and the core team.
  • Prepare and present a final gender policy that articulates clear principles, commitments, and accountability, as well as a robust action plan for its implementation through briefing/training sessions to ensure all staff and management understand the policy and action plan.

This comprehensive policy will be a guiding document that encourages the creation of a gender-inclusive environment at BINEKSOS/LP3ES/PRISMA. With this written commitment from BINEKSOS/LP3ES/PRISMA, it is hoped that it can be used as a reference by every organization to optimize the implementation of gender mainstreaming in carrying out organizational activities and community services.