Fact Sheet / Publication

Published: 02/04/2015

Women’s participation in social conflict resolution has been, indeed, stated in Law No. 37/2012 on Social Conflict Handling. The law mandates that the Social Conflict Resolution Task Force involves women as much as 30% at the least of the total members of the task force. It could be viewed as an opportunity to increase women’s participation in the process of decision making for conflict resolution. Ironically, women’s participation in conflict resolution tended to be invisible since they did their efforts of participation in informal ways.

Women’s efforts in conflict resolution in the two villages in Siak and Pelalawan Regencies, Riau Province often pertained to environmental health issues (air pollution) and food security. It often happened that their informal efforts became a drive for conflict resolution.

Although the initiation of finding conflict resolution was still dominated by men. However, when men cannot find resolution, women stepped forward doing their efforts to settle the problems.



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