Policy Brief / Publication

Published: 23/10/2013

This policy brief is one of the results of WRI’s research under a theme ‘Women Parliament Members and Gender Equality Policies in Indonesia: Bill Equality and Gender Justice’. This policy brief discusses the importance of women’s representation in parliament, but in fact the representation of women in parliament is still very low. In fact, the number of women in the Indonesian population greater than men, and women still make up the majority of the poor, with a high maternal mortality rate.


In terms of political participation, the number of women voters is almost as large as the male, but not in the case of women as candidates who are selected. During the campaign period, the participation of women in public spaces is low. Moreover, the placement of women in legislative institutions was only in certain commissions that are considered women friendly so that they are not evenly spread. Women are still not placed as the decision maker.


It is also discussed policy recommendations that need to be implemented to support women in politics.



Women’s Political Participation 2013