Book / Publication

Published: 12/10/2005

This book contains the text analysis of regional regulations, which have been published since the enactment of regional autonomy. The publication of this book is intended to allow many people to access this research results. This book also serves as a documentation of critical analysis using feminist methodology to the implementation of regional autonomy. This critical analysis could develop a discourse of women’s political rights in local administration and the evaluation so that the implementation of regional autonomy increasingly bring positive impacts in prospering society.


Textual study of regional regulations in nine regencies/cities and one at the provincial level in Indonesia that were issued between the years 1999-2003 aimed at examining the representation of women in policy making and / or the representation of women in the regulations relating to women. This process will test the consistency of ideas and political process of legislation in local politics. Each region has its own political culture and priorities of different issues based on the interconnectedness of economic, political, cultural and religious elements. The research attempts to see how regional regulations represent and manage space for women’s political participation in comparison with changes in the text of national legislation, which already expressed the need for a special room for women in politics.


In addition, this study also looks at how the representation of women is affecting the content of regional regulations and whether the regulations’ supplementary explanations have the potential to be discriminatory against women. ***


Author: Edriana Noerdin, Lisabona Rahman,
Ratna Laelasari Y, Sita Aripurnami
Publisher: WRI, 2005
Page: xvii+76 pages
ISBN: 979-99305-0-2
Price: IDR 20.000,-


Local Researcher:

Asep Muslim (Tasikmalaya-West Java)
Nenden Lilis Aisyah (Sukabumi-West Java)
Maria Margaretha (Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara)
Syarifah Rahmatilah (Banda Aceh-NAD)
Wa Ode Deli Yusniati (Kendari-Southeast Sulawesi)
Ni Luh Dian Purniawati (Gianyar-Bali)
Yetisma Saini (Solok-West Sumatera)
Baiq Mulyanah (Mataram-West Nusa Tenggara)
Brigitta Edna (Samarinda-East Kalimantan)